22 Oct 2018

ICC Color Symposium


Presented by Distinguished ICC Color Experts
Discuss the latest trend of color management development and the applications in different aspects

In the graphic arts supply chain, color plays a particular key role from designers to printers. Effective use of color management can help to tackle the color inconsistency and color communication problems. The Hong Kong Printers Association and Advanced Printing Technology Centre (APTEC ) together with International Color Consortium (ICC), the most authoritative body in the world in setting color industry standards, are going to organise the ICC Color Symposium again. Renowned overseas experts are invited to share the latest trend of ICC color management and applications in different areas.

Date:           22 Oct, 2018 (Mon)
Time:          10:30am – 5:00pm
Venue:        Auditorium, 9/F., The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups Building 21 Pak Fuk Road, North Point, H.K.
                   (Just two-minute walk from Quarry Bay MTR Exit C)
Language:  English (Simultaneous interpretation to Cantonese & Mandarin)
Fee:            HKD$200 per person

Application Procedure

  1. Please complete the registration form and pay the fee with one of the following methods:
    - By bank transfer: please bank in the fee directly to Hang Seng Bank at 388-741472-001(“Advanced Printing Technology Centre Limited”). Then fax back the completed form with the bank-in slip to (852) 3188-9424 or email to info@aptec.hkprinters.org. Bank remittance outside Hong Kong is not accepted.
    - By cheque: Cheque should be crossed and made payable to “Advanced Printing Technology Centre Limited”. Please send together with the registration form to: Advanced Printing Technology Centre, Room 112, IVE (Morrison Hill), 6 Oi Kwan Road Wanchai, H.K. Please write “ICC Color Symposium” at the back of the cheque. Post-dated cheques are not accepted
  2. For participants from China or overseas who cannot pay the fee directly through the bank in Hong Kong, please fax back the completed form to (852) 3188-9424 or email to info@aptec.hkprinters.org. The fee should be paid in cash in HKD either on site on the Symposium date or by visiting Advanced Printing Technology Centre (APTEC) directly before the Symposium. (Only accept HKD, please tender exact fee).
  3. Email confirmation will be sent out to successful participants by APTEC before the Symposium.
  4. For inquiry, please contact Ms. Chau of APTEC at (852) 3589-5024.
  5. APTEC reserves the right of final decisions.


Advanced Printing Technology Centre
Tel:(852) 3589-5024 Ms. Chau

ICC Color Symposium details

Digital Color Management Techniques

Speaker:    Mr. William Li
Digital workflows lead to more flexibility in how color gets handled.  This talk is about how to take advantage of this flexibility without falling prey to the dangers, with examples drawn from digital printing, expanded color gamut, and traditional CMYK printing.

Textile Color Management

Speaker:    Mr. Max Derhak
Increasingly textiles are printed using digital inkjet printers, enabling new types of products.  This talk addresses some of the challenges involved in color managing digital printing on textiles.

Softproofing Revisit and Reborn

Speaker:    Mr. Chris Bai
Soft proofing has been around for quite a period of time already, but still has not been widely adopted yet. With the recent advancement in display technology and the latest iccMAX architecture, soft proofing has become active again. We’ll take another look at how the latest technology could help you improve your color communication efficiency.

Setting Color Expectations from Creation to Production for Packaging

Speaker:    Mr. Raymond Cheydleur
This talk will give a quick overview of the different stages of packaging from Design through execution and where ICC profiles can enhance the quality of reproduction and communication along the way. He will address spot color in a couple of different ways including the use of ICC with expanded color gamut.

Standards in Color Specification

Speaker:    Mr. Steve Smiley
Standards are a vital part of ensuring that print buyers and brand owners get the results they expect, even and especially when using color management.  This talk describes some of the standards which impact color management, and how to use them in the workflow, both as buyers and print service providers.

How to get consistency in color appearance?

Speaker:    Mr. Juergen Seitz
Color management workflows are helping to automate the color rendering of your data for the many output conditions. How consistent are these many outputs in color? Is there a way to measure the consistency between several output results? What standards, tools and technologies are there to control and secure best color consistency?

*Names and working scopes of mentioned ISO TC130 working groups: WG2 (Prepress data exchange);WG2/TF2 (PDF/X);WG2/TF3 (Variable data exchange);WG3 (Process control and related metrology);WG4 (Media and materials);WG11 (Environmental impact of printed products);WG12 (Postpress);WG13 (Printing certification requirements);JWG7 (Color management) and JWG14 (Print quality measurement methods)

Speaker Profile

  Mr. William Li
  • Co-Chair, ICC
  • ISO TC130 Expert
  • Color Products and Custom Development Manager, Kodak

William is currently Color Products and Custom Development Manager with Eastman Kodak.  Kodak is transforming into a B2B company focused on its Commercial Imaging business. Kodak will be centered on commercial, packaging and functional printing solutions and enterprise services, markets in which it offers customers advanced technologies that give them a competitive edge.  William leads the team responsible for developing core color and PDF technology in such products as Prinergy, Kodak ColorFlow Software, Kodak Spotless Software, Kodak Proofing System, Prosper, and Matchprint Virtual.

William began his career in the graphic arts industry in 1997, joining the award-winning Prinergy PDF workflow team developing screening and calibration software at Creo, and has led the color technology group since the 2004 acquisition of Creo by Kodak.

He brings a diverse background in engineering, physics, and systems design to the graphic arts as part of Kodak’s Software and Solutions Division. William is active in international standards work, including ICC, ISO TC130, ISO TC171, Ghent Workgroup, and Idealliance.  He has been a frequent speaker at the Printing Industries of America Color Management Conference, the Kodak Graphic Users’ Association, and other venues.
  Mr. Max Derhak
  • Co-Chair, ICC
  • ISO TC130 Expert
  • Principal Scientist, Onyx Graphics

Max Derhak has worked for Onyx Graphics Inc. since 1990 where he currently functions in the role of Principal Scientist. Max has a Bachelors in Computer Science from the University of Utah, a Masters in Imaging Science at The Rochester Institute of Technology, and a PhD. in Color Science from RIT. He serves as a Co-Chair of the ICC as well as the Chair of the ICC Architecture Working Group. Dr. Derhak has been a driving force behind the standardization of iccMAX, and was the initial contributor and maintainer of the iccMAX reference implementation - RefIccMAX.
  Mr. Chris Bai
  • Vice-Chair, ICC
  • ISO TC130 Expert
  • Senior Color Expert and BenQ Corporation

Chris Bai is the Senior Color Expert and Product Manager at BenQ Corporation where he developed the first printing industry certified color management monitor from BenQ. He also serves as the Vice Chair of the Display Working Group in ICC, and is an Expert member on ISO TC-130. His responsibility at BenQ Corporation also includes software developing for color application in different industries, standards developing and color education. He was the Director of the R&D Division at Printing Technology Research Institution in Taiwan and a fellow researcher at Display Technology Center in Industrial Technology Research Institution. Coming from a mixed background of printing and display technology research, he believes making soft-proofing accessible is the future, and that was his mindset when designing the product. He received his BASc. in Computer Engineering from University of British Columbia, Canada, and his passion in photography had lead him into the world of color. He received his MSc. in Color Science from University of Leeds, UK. His experience and education in color science has allowed him to provide extensive color management training to printers, photographers, designers and everyone who is interested in color management.
  Mr. Raymond Cheydleur
  • Vice-Chair, ICC
  • ISO TC130 Expert 
  • Printing, Packaging and Imaging Product Portfolio Manager, X-Rite

Ray has worked in X-Rite over 20 years and in a number of roles in X-Rite from front line support to working with its largest OEM customers integrating X-Rite solutions with theirs. His current role is to look forward at trends and workflows to align X-Rite’s products now and in the future. Prior to X-Rite, Ray ran a test digital imaging facility for Eastman Kodak, a successful photo studio in Chicago and has managed both large and small photographic production facilities.  Ray is Chairman of ANSI/CGATS, Chair of CGATS Subcommittee 3 (Metrology and Process Control). Ray also is Head of the US TAG (Technical Advisory Groups) for ISO on graphic arts standards and is Vice Chair of the International Color Consortium (ICC).
  Mr. Steve Smiley
  • ISO TC130 Expert 
  • Owner, SmileyColor & Associates

Steve Smiley is as 40+ year veteran from Print, Pre-Media and Brand Management Solutions. Working with numerous major consumer product companies, he has developed tools to assure brand consistency throughout the world.  Now with his own venture - SmileyColor & Associates - a solutions provider working with CPCs and their supply chain providing process control audits to ISO standards aligning supply chain partners. 

Previously, he managed color across a $4B year printer,  Vertis Communications for 23 years - digital, offset, flexo and gravure. Mr. Smiley is an Idealliance G7 International Expert Trainer.   Convenor of ISO TC130 WG2, US Expert to WG3, WG4, WG11 and WG13; He is the recipient of the Holzinger Award, FTA President Award, and the Clemson Top Cat Award. Mr Smiley was inducted into the FTA Hall of Fame in 2016. 
  Mr. Juergen Seitz
  • ISO TC130 Expert 
  • Senior Technical Advisor, GMG

Grown into color management coming from the traditional prepress industry, Juergen joined GMG in its very early years. At GMG, he strongly pushed the move from a proofing company to a color management company and co-designed and developed GMGs key customers’ highly automated Color Management-setups with unreached quality in automation and color consistency. In his role as senior technical advisor, he participates in the development of new color profiling strategies but is also one of the pillars of the GMG Services and Consulting team. Juergen is active as a member of the technical board at Fogra, in the ICC and as a German delegate in TC130-WG3.