Rochester Institute of Technology Names APTEC as Exclusive Partner in Greater China to Promote Printing Standards Certification

Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) and Advanced Printing Technology Centre (APTEC), have joined forces to promote printing standardization. APTEC was named by RIT to become the exclusive Printing Standards Audit (PSAsm) Partner in Greater China (regions include Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau) in promoting PSAsm Certification developed by RIT.

RIT Awards the FIRST PSAsm Certification to a Hong Kong Corporation - Hung Hing Printing (China) Company Ltd.. APTEC provided training and consulting support to prepare Hung Hing for the audit.According to the memorandum of understanding, RIT and APTEC will jointly develop PSAsm activities in Greater China. APTEC will provide PSAsm training and consultancy to printers in Greater China. APTEC will also conduct the “PSAsm Training for Printers and Consultants” programs.

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About PSAsm

PSAsm (Printing Standard Audit) is an impartial, objective process developed to audit the ability of a printer to produce printed materials that conform to a recognized characterization dataset and to operate a standards-compliant workflow. GRACoL® and SWOP® can be selected by the printer as aims for conformity assessments. If the printer chooses GRACoL (SWOP) and passes the PSAsm Audit, the printer will be awarded “PSAsm Certification to CGATS TR006 (TR003, TR005) Dataset according to CGATS TR016”. If the printer is a G7 PC Master, IDEAlliance will award the printer an additional certification, “G7 GRACoL (SWOP) Certified”. By attaining PSAsm Certification, printers demonstrate that they have mastered the use of standards in their workflows.

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Greater China PSAsm Consultant List
(In alphabetical order by surname)

Mr. Stefen T. H. CHOW​ Hong Kong, China
PSAsm Consultant valid until: June 2019

Mr. Tsz Kin LAM​ Hong Kong, China
C&C Joint Printing Company Co, (Guang Dong)., Ltd.
PSAsm Consultant valid until: June 2019

Mr. Tung Nam LAM   Hong Kong, China
Advanced Printing Technology Centre
PSAsm Consultant valid until: June 2019

Mr. Chi Ho Arik LEE   Hong Kong, China
Dah Bang Printing Ink Manufactory Limited
PSAsm Consultant valid until: June 2019

Mr. Kam Wah Keith TANG   Hong Kong, China
Starlite Printers (Shenzhen) Company Limited
PSAsm Consultant valid until: June 2019

PSAsm Certified Companies

(In alphabetical order by corporate name)

Hung Hing Printing (China) Co., Ltd.​

Contact: Mr. Dennis Wong
Telephone: (852) 2664-8682
Fax: (852) 2661-7836
PSAsm Consultant valid until: November 2018
Certified Plant Location: Shenzhen

Millennium Printing (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

Contact: Mr. Robert Lai
Telephone: (86-755) 2761-2000
Fax: (86-755) 2816-0325
PSAsm Consultant valid until: June 2019
Certified Plant Location: Shenzhen

Shenzhen Polytechnic

Contact: Ms. Wang Lijie
Telephone: (86-755) 2673-1000
Fax: (86-755) 2673-1837
PSAsm Consultant valid until: July 2018
Certified Plant Location: Shenzhen

PSAsm Audit and Scoring

PSAsm auditor completes one-day on-site audit. The applied company must submit the press form to RIT for measurement. RIT will evaluate based on the following aspects.

  • Data reception:
    Evaluate the TAC (Total Area Coverage Management) and color management / color conversation.

  • Requirements on proofing:
    It is based on ISO 12647-7, including substrate color, deviation tolerance of CMYK solids (i.e. maximum difference from aim values) and within-sheet variation, TVI (Tone Value Increase), neutral gray, IT8.7/4 and IDEAlliance color control strip.

  • Prepress & CTP assessment:
    It includes prepress and platemaking process, plate quality control, plate handling & maintenance, RIP settings, etc.

  • Print conformity assessment:
    It evaluates from various aspects, including deviation tolerance (i.e. maximum difference between OK sheet and aim values, evaluate IT8.7/4, CMYK solids, 50% CMYK and neutral gray); variation tolerance (i.e. maximum difference between press sheet and OK print, evaluate CMYK solids, 50% CMYK and neutral gray); within-sheet variation (IT8.7/4). Main focus on PSAsm is to use ISO 2846-1 compliant ink and to use either one calibration method stated in ISO TS10128 (Tone Value Increase, Gray Balance or Device-link color management). Substrate-correction can be applied based on GRACoL or SWOP aims.

  • Print conformity assessment is calculated according to deviation tolerance, variation tolerance and within-sheet variation. Different weighting factors are set for each aspect. The results of the three aspects will be shown in different level (Level A, B, C) and the total score will combine the three results.

PSAsm Scoring Matrix according to Characterization Data Set Conformance


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